A letter to all Teon players

It has been one year since the Einhasad server went online. During this year, we continued to release new game updates and maintain the game for players. Our entire team loves the game as much as the players, and with that in mind, we need to inform the future maintenance schedule so we can continue to maintain the game in a long term.

We plan to stop updating new game content (including new paid content) after the update on May 17th. We will have another announcement when the game resumes updating. Of course, we will still make necessary updates to the game to maintain the game environment. Players can still enjoy their adventures in the land of Edin.

For every player who loves this game, losing new update content is undoubtedly a strike. We as developers of the game can only express our apologies to you. We hope that one day in the future, we can proudly tell you that we have returned along with the land of Edin.



Teon Team

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