Update of 20211228

Dear Adventurers, The server maintenance of Teon was completed and the following updates have been implemented:

New Event
1. Level Rush Event (available period: Dec. 28th – Jan. 11th)
-Bound EXP Cube Craft
-EXP Cube Prize including a new item that can get EXP immediately
-Mini Auto EXP gaining
-New Potions that can increase Max HP and MP
2. Snow Festival Update
-3 Snow Festival limited special minions, including a FREE snowman minion!
-Permanent Snow Fes polymorphs. Stats are modified to match normal polymorph.

New Feature
1. Minion System
Check detailed info in our official website: https://teonworld.com/minion-system/
2. Level cap increased to 80 0%

New Equipment
1. Death Knight armor set: equip the whole set to polymorph into Death Knight!
-You can get a 7-day Death Knight armor set from Premium Membership!
2. New equipment using Terra Dragon and Sea Lion’s material

Item Drop Rate increment
Detailed changes are listed below:
1. Maros Ground: Rough of Iron and Animal Bone increase 20% – 50%
2. Maros Dungeon: Rough of Iron, Animal Bone, and Rough of Silver increase 10% – 50%
3. Land of Nature: Animal Furs, Rough of Iron, Rough of Silver, and Mithril Block increase 20% – 50%
4. Elven Dungeon: Rough of Iron and Rough of Silver increase 50% – 150%
5. Sandwood Ground: Animal Bone increase 20% – 50%
6. Sandwood Dungeon: Animal Bone, Bone Powder, and Rough of Dark Mithril increase 50% – 100%
7. Drake Region: Mithril Block, Rough of Dark Mithril, and Orichalcum Steel increase 50% – 100%
8. Dartford: Rough of Dark Mithril increases 50%, Greatly increased drop rate of Animal Furs and Rough of Iron. Added Animal Bone and Rough of Silver drops to some monsters.
9. Mirror Forest: Mithril Block increases 50%
10. Eva Castle: Animal Bone increases 200%
11. Lower the drop rate decrement when defeating lower level monsters

1. Updated returner’s login reward
2. Updated growth reward
3. Text improvement
4. Minor bug fixed

A game resource of version 10462 auto-update containing the aforementioned changes is required when you start Teon.

We apologize for any inconvenience it causes and thank you for your support on Teon. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at email: cs@teonworld.com.

We hope you enjoy your journey in the world of Teon.



Teon Team

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