Snow Festival

Snow Festival will start on December 1st and end on January 11th, 2022. There are 9 main parts of the event:

1. Login Rewards
There will be login rewards every week during the event. The reward you can get is based on the times you get rewards. Login rewards will feature Snow festival theme items.

2. Online Rewards
The Land of Edin starts snowing. Stay longer to collect more snowflakes! The event online rewards will replace the original online rewards.

3. Build a snowman
A snowman comes to Maros town. It wants to collect more snowflakes to become larger. It will give you a gift in a return.

4. Snow Festival Wishes
Citizens in Maros town have their snow festival wishes. Would you help them?

5. Take Back Decorations
The Resistance is planning to decorate Maros town, but monsters robbed the supply. It’s time for us to take them back.

6. Play Chess
For those who help take back decorations, the Resistance prepares a chessboard filled with rewards. There will be new equipment on the board and you can reforge it to permanent.

7. Boss Invasion
Bosses smell the joy of the Snow Festival, and want to destroy it! Specific bosses will spawn in the Orcish Guild every day during the event. Defeat it before it causes any kind of trouble. (Bosses’ stats and drops are different from the original)

8. Boss Raid
During the event, all normal bosses carry more treasures! It’s time to collect treasures from them!

9. Snow-theme Polymorph
The Resistance prepares a new series of polymorphs for the Snow Festival. Play the event to gather scrolls of polymorph for these freezing new looks.

10. Double Ad rewards
During the event, each character can watch up to 6 times advertisement, which features items related to the snow festival.

We hope everyone can enjoy this biggest event in 2021!



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