New Features in October update


Monster Annihilation

After the maintenance, Monster Annihilation will start immediately and end on Nov. 13th. There are 3 main parts of this event.
1. Monster’s Token
During the event, every monster from Promise Island to Eva Castle will have a chance to drop Monster’s Token. Drop rate varies from monsters.
2. Reward Prize
Once you acquire a certain amount of Monster’s Token, You can talk to Dellas in Maros Town to attend the reward prize. You can get supplies, enchant scrolls, and the new boss-teleport runes!
3. Battle Medal
Battle Medal only rewards to who has a great attribute to the Resistance! Every 10 times you attend Reward Prize, you will receive 1 Battle Medal. Battle Medal can be used to exchange Hero Emblem, Advance Hero Emblem, and even time-limited Lv.4 Rings of Heroism!
Online Gift
When a character is online, the online gift timer will start counting down. Once the timer becomes 0, the character can receive certain rewards, and start the next round of count-down.
The rewards will reset every day at 10:00 a.m. server time.



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