Update of 20210907

Dear Adventurers, The server maintenance of Teon was completed and the following updates have been implemented:

New Maps
1. Added a new map “Escon”.
2. Added new dungeon maps “Eva Castle”.
3. Added a new dungeon map “Sea Bed”.

New Quests
1. Added a new quest series “Escon Region Main Quest”.
2. Added a new repeatable quest “Assist Escon’s Defense”.
3. Added a new guiding quest “Learn How to Element Enchant”.
4. Added a new quest “Advanced Class Trial”.

New Features
1. Added an option that allows players to send their current location in chat.
2. Added item “Devil Contract” in Mall for sale, use it to decrease your PK point by 5. (available period: from Sep. 7th to Nov. 13th)
3. Increased the dropping rate of Wind Ore in the Dartford Region.

Teon Pass
1. Adding Teon Pass season one. (available period: from Sep. 14th to Nov. 13th)
2. The Teon Pass Pre-Season is drawing to a close (the event ends on Sep. 11th). Please notice that all the Basic & Advanced daily quests will be removed and the rewards that did not collect from the Teon Pass interface will be gone.

1. Fixed some text errors in the faq, menu, dialog, item description, system notification, and other interfaces.
2. Optimized text to fit with some gameplay changes.

Bug Fixing
1. Fixed a bug that causes the display error in the Teon Pass interface.
2. Changed the respawned location to Orc Town when the character died in Elbereth Home.

A game resource of version 10478 auto-update containing the aforementioned changes is required when you start Teon.

We apologize for any inconvenience it causes and thank you for your support on Teon. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at email: cs@teonworld.com.

We hope you enjoy your journey in the world of Teon.



Teon Team

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