Update of 20210810

Dear Adventurers, The server maintenance of Teon was completed and the following updates have been implemented:

New Features
1. Added Teon Pass System (For more info, please learn from the other announcement, “Teon Pass Pre-System Description”)
2. Added Auto EXP System
3. Added New Growth Reward
4. New Rewarding Option Implementation
5. Optimized Speed System
– Remove the different classes’ DEX or STR limitation of acquiring advanced haste.
– The Advanced haste status will provide 66% or 77% of attack speed with no limitation.
– Item’s changes: Tear of Luna, Fruit of World Tree, and Brave Fruit.
New Main Quest Series
1. Added The Quest series of King Arthur
2. Added Teon Pass Daily Quests

1. Added Novice equipment set (Can only purchase from Rabia [Armor Shop] and Pascal [Weapon Shop] in Maros Town)

Other Features
1. Increased the effect duration of buff provided by Lv.2 clan benefits.
2. Lower the Shadow Knight Chief’s level.
3. Added Teon Server Time to our official website at www.teonworld.com and will use Server Time to announce time relative notices.
4. Remove the 5-second countdown timer when the character is in the safe zone.
5. Friend Optimization
Adding New Friend Allowance Option
Adding Maximum number of Friends. (Current # of Friends / Maximum # of Friends)
The option is located in [ General – Others – Friend Permit ]
The option is [On] as default, and when it switches to [Off], all the new friend requests will be blocked.

1. Fixed some text errors in the faq, menu, and other interfaces.
2. Fixing text errors in Monster Hunter’s dialog in Dartford.
3. Optimized text to fit with some gameplay changes.

Bug Fixing
1. Fixed a bug with the Interface UI in the upper right corner of the buff bar and other interface windows sometimes will intersect.
2. Fixed a bug when sometimes characters use skills on red/pink name targets that will not affect their name stats.
3. Fixed a bug that new characters can use space in their name.
4. Fixing a bug that the Lv.4 Nimble Amulet of Heroism can be traded in character.

Please notice that the Teon Pass System, the New Rewarding Option, and the Optimized Speed System in this update is required the new client to support. And for experiencing the new source version 10473, we suggest you update the game client to 1.5.176378 before you play Teon after the maintenance is finished. A game resource auto-update containing the aforementioned changes will be available after server maintenance.

We apologize for any inconvenience it causes and thank you for your support on Teon. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at email: cs@teonworld.com.
We hope you enjoy your journey in the world of Teon.



Teon Team

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