Dragon Boat Festival Event

Dear Adventurers,
It’s the time of the traditional Festival —— Dragon Boat Festival. Maros Town will have a grand event for this festival and all adventurers can be part and enjoy it.

During the festival event, there will be a special item dropping from the monsters in the Maros Region (including Putrid Swamp & Lerna Swamp). And adventurers can help the villagers to collect that and redeem gifts provided by villagers.

Here’s the detailed information about the Event:
– The event time : from 00:00:00 (PDT) on June 8th 2021 to 09:00:00 (PDT) on June 22nd 2021;
– The dropping time : 17:00:00 (PDT) – 19:00:00 (PDT) & 07:00:00 (PDT) – 09:00:00 (PDT) during the Event Time;
– Redeem Time: 00:00:00 (PDT) June 8th 2021 to 19:00:00 (PDT) June 29th 2021.

Detailed event contents:
1.During the special item dropping time period, adventurers can get a new item, the Sticky Rice, dropping from monsters in Maros Region (including Putrid Swamp & Lerna Swamp).
2.The Sticky Rice is only dropping in the special item dropping time period which are 16:00:00 (PDT) – 18:00:00 (PDT) & 04:00:00 (PDT) – 06:00:00 (PDT) during the event time of 00:00:00 (PDT) on June 8th 2021 to 09:00:00 (PDT) on June 22nd 2021.
3.Adventurers can redeem special gifts in the redeem list after collecting enough Sticky Rice. The redeemed NPC is the Event Emissary (32815, 33562) which located in Maros Town and the Noticeboard next to the Event Emissary in game will also provide detailed information of the event and the redeem formula of the gifts.
4.For adventurers who want to make the special gift to become permanent, you can tap the redeem list in the Event Emissary and redeem it with the requirement listed.
5.All the time-limited items that redeemed have the expiration date of 48 hours.
6.All the Sticky Rice will expire at 19:00:00 (PDT) on June 29th 2021.
7.The NPC of the event, the Event Emissary, will be gone when the Event finishes.



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