Server Closing of Eon

On August 4th, 2020, we announced that Eon Server of Teon will close the Oath Purchased method. By doing so, we were able to offer you the Eon server for a prolonged period of time, enabling you to play and enjoy it as long as possible. However, we have now decided to shut down the Eon server for providing better service to Einhasad Server.

Knowing that this was not an easy decision for us. Since the Eon server has launched, we have put a lot of effort into Eon server development and your contribution and support have made it all worthwhile. Sure, weve been through some ups and downs, but those shared memories and emotions show how a common passion can bring developers and fans closer together in the end. Knowing that you have enjoyed our game is the reason why Teon Team brought Einhasad server in 2021. Thank you for this!

The shutdown of the server will not take place straight away, but on 31st May 2021, which is still a few weeks in the future. As Einhasad server will be available, the decision of shutting down Eon server is preferable to an update. We also hope that you and your friends or clan members can enjoy the new server Einhasad.

During the operation of Eon server, payment content made by players is an in-game item named Oath and used to increase the remaining time of the gaming, except the subscription. In August 2020, we had refund all the payment of remaining Oath to relevant players. We provide free gaming time in Eon Server from August 2020 until the server shuts down in May 2021. To players who keep on exploring in Einhasad, we had sent them some veteran package with virtual items as compensation. Once the server is closed on 31st May 2021, all remaining resources, items and currencies in the server will be gone. Therefore, in line with our terms of sale, we will no longer compensate any account which data is deleted on the Eon server.

Once 31st May 2021 is upon us, we will continue with our final steps. This includes closing the server. They will not be accessible to you any longer. That said, you will still be able to reach our customer support teams, even after the server has closed.



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