Update Preview Of 20210420

Dear Adventurers, Teon will undergo a server maintenance from 00:00 to 02:00 (PST) on April 20th, 2021.
The following updates will be implemented during this maintenance:

New Feature: Scroll of Magic
– Players can now purchase Lv. 2 to Lv.6 Blank Scrolls of Magic from item shops;
– Mages can transcript the spells they have already learned into a blank scrolls;
– While creating a magic scroll, it will cost the same amount of MP / HP / Magic Gem(s) to cast the spell (without MP cost reduction from Intellegence);
– Using a magic scroll will not cost MP / HP / Magic Gem(s), but it will still reduce lawful value if it was an evil spell;
– The scrolls can be used by other classes with the same level restriction as mages;
– All scrolls created by Mages can be traded personally or via Market.

– The boss monster – “Shadow Knight Lieutenant” – is renamed as “Shadow Knight Chief”;
– The difficulties of the following bosses are significantly lowered: Death Knight, Drake, Deathsting, Shadow Knight Chief, Uni Dragon and Pincer;
– Fixed a problem causing Orc Guard and Orc Archer to have a super high avoidance.

Equipements & Items
– Polymorph scrolls will no longer be a “click-to-use” type of items. Please use the Poly menu to use the polymorph feature;
– Knight’s beginner’s weapon [Short Sword] will no longer be damaged by hard-skin type of monsters (such as golems and orcs);
– New item [Sealed Supply Cargo] will be dropped by various monsters in the game (especially the low level regions such as Promise Island and Maros);
– It takes 1 hour to open a Sealed Supply Cargo;
– Random consumable items can be found in a Sealed Supply Cargo, such as Potion of Speed, Advanced Heroic Potion, Tear of Luna, etc;
– We have lowered some item prices in the Friendship Shop;
– Renamed all [Treasure Box] type of items;
– Fixed some names of spellbooks which don’t match the actual spell name in the spell list;
– Fixed some item descriptions with consistency issues;
– Fixed a problem which caused the TC cost of unlocking a treasure did not display correctly in the popup messages;

Quest & NPCs
– The quest [Find Eternal] will now give [Sealed Supply Cargo] x5 to players as rewards; those who have already finished the quest will receive [Sealed Supply Cargo] x5 as compensation in their mailbox after the maintenance;
– Xiu [Trader of Oath] in the Oasis is now renamed as Xiu [Trader in the Oasis];
– Fixed some spelling or location misleading issues in some quest dialogs/descriptions.

– Reduced the daily upkeep cost of EXP and Resources for all levels significantly;
– Reduced the TC cost to fix an Upkeep Failure from 900 TC to 60 TC;
– Lowered the Character Level requirement to earn Clan Exp to level 40;

– Some new consumable packages and scrolls are avaiable in the Mall;
– [Shard of Custom Polymorph] and [Runic Shard of Custom Polymorph] are added into the Mall;
– Each Shard allow players to unlock 1 type of Custom Poly in the Event category under on the poly menu;

– The “Save Point” (the location which Scroll of Escape teleports you to) in Elven Garden and Orc Region has been changed from Orc Castle to Orc Town.
– Character can use [World] and [Shout] Channel from Lv.1.

A game resources auto-update containing the aforementioned changes will be available after server maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience its causes and thank you for your support on Teon.

Teon Team

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