Volcano Region


Update on: 2022.03.15

1. Glaurung Volcano
Long ago, Glaurung was sent to the Land of Edin by Volcan, the god of fire. In order to follow Volcan’s order to protect the Golden Goat Fur, Glaurung drove out dwarves from the volcano region. The volcano was named Glaurung Volcano after that. There is a rumor that a Pheonix is protecting treasures from Glaurung.

2. Dwarven Castle
Greedy dwarves hate humans because of Glaurung. To start the discovery in the Volcano region, adventurers need to disguise themselves to communicate with dwarves. From scout’s report, it seems a dwarf general is waiting for challengers and rewards a massive amount of treasures.

3. Rune Stone
Dwarves master in forging. They have a unique technique that can inset a mystery stone into equipment to enhance the power. This technique will be helpful for the Resistance.

4. Leg Armor
By communicating with the dwarven blacksmith, the Resistance starts crafting a new type of armor. But their skills are not good enough, maybe dwarven can help improve these armor.

Following Developing:
Monster Dex (10%)