Teon Pass


Teon Pass(TP) is a type of event. During the event, players will have several ways to collect TP points to get rewards. NPCs about TP will appear in Maros Town, near the market.

TP point note
Players can earn TP points from redeeming TP point notes in the TP interface. The amounts of points are vary from different notes. Currently, there are 3 ways to obtain TP point note:
-complete TP quests
-defeat boss monsters
-purchase in the mall with TC
There may have new ways to earn TP point notes in the future.

TP level
Players can level up their TP level by collecting TP points. After reaching a certain level, players can collect relevant rewards from the TP interface. Please know that not every TP level has rewards.

Advanced Teon Pass
You can spend TC to unlock Advanced Teon Pass. By doing this, you will unlock the advanced quests series and be able to collect advanced rewards based on your TP level. Advanced quests will give you extra TP point notes, which allow players to level up their TP level faster.
Advanced Teon Pass is NOT necessary for reaching max TP level. Players can reach max TP level by ONLY completing basic TP quests.

TP daily quests
TP daily quests are the major way to earn TP point notes. The quests are separated apart into “basic” and “advanced”.
To start TP quests, you need 2 items: “TP Permit” and “Daily Quest Permit”. Both items have “basic” and “advanced” versions for relevant quests.
TP Permits are level 1 rewards from both basic and advanced rewards, these items will stay in your bag once you receive them, and will expire when a season ends.
Daily Quest Permits are sold from relevant NPCs. You can purchase one of each every day at a very low price. Daily quest permits will expire in a short period. Please start quests right after purchasing them.
TP daily quests have different branches. Every day at 0 a.m., the quests will switch to the next branch. If you didn’t complete quests before it switches, you need to wait for the next rotation to complete the quests. You will not lose your quest progress because of this.

For detailed rewards information, please check https://teonworld.com/s3/

Notice: The data in this page will be continue update according the in-game data and it is subject to actual data in the game. (Modified Date: 2022-02-23)