The number of monster can summoned is depended on the character’s CHA


– The total CHA that effect the number of monster can summoned:


Number of Monster

1 – 17


18 – 22


23 – 33


34 – 45




Attention: The maximum number of monster can summoned for one character is 4


The variety of summoned monsters are depended on the character’s level.

Character’s Level

Variety of Summoned Monster

28 – 44

Lv. 40 Werewolf

45 – 49

Lv. 48 Dungeon Bugbear

50 – 54

Lv. 53 Lizardman

55 – 59

Lv. 58 Evil Cerberus

60 – 64

Lv. 65 Bloodthirst Ogre

65 – 69

Lv. 70 Kopru


Lv. 75 Giant Dwarf Guard


Monster’s Information & CHA bonus

-Summoned monsters will have more HP and lower AC than same level range normal monsters.

-Summoned monsters do not have weakness element

CHA bonus : the character’s CHA will effected monsters’ Hit and Attack

-The AC/MR/HP of the summoned monster and the character are correlative,

-Character can use monster as the target of haste potions



[Dartford] Drops:




Level Limit

[Monster Call]Spellbook

Summon monsters which can help you. The number of monster summoned depends on the points of your charisma whereas your level affects the type of monsters summoned. The kind of monster summoned depends on your level. Every time you can summon one monster only if you have already had monster servants, or your last monster servant disappeared within 15 seconds. Otherwise, you will summon a maximum number of monsters for one time. (A certain number of magic gems are needed.



[Barbaric Walk]Spellbook

Supply for servant by using the berserk power. Endow servant Advanced Haste effect. Do not need to choose the target when use. Effect will be added on all the servants without [BARBARIC WALK] effect. (It takes corresponding magic gems and MP)



[Blood Sacrifice]Spellbook

Sacrifice your HP and recover your servant’s HP. The amount of recovery depends on the HP you sacrifice and the number of servant. The sacrificed HP is related to your constitution.





Notice: we will continue to update these info, please noticed that the specific situation is subject to the in-game data. (Amend Date: 2021-08-27)