Snow Festival

Update on: Nov 30th

1. Snow Festival
Steps of the new year had arrived in the Land of Edin. The Resistance prepared a series of events to celebrate this festival. We hope everyone can enjoy the rest of the year.
2. Magic Hourglass
Magic Hourglasses contain magic that can warp time! They can destroy time-seal on items. The only disadvantage is the hourglass itself will disappear in time after use.
3. Wind Crystal Earrings
An earring contains the blessing from the wind dragon Ehecatl. It has a great affinity to wind elements. Adventurers who equip it can increase wind resistance.
4. Teleport Runes
Researchers in the Resistance successfully develop stable teleport runes. These runes can teleport the user to the powerful monster that the runes are detecting.

Following Developing:
1. Minion System (70% complete)
2. Battle Arena (20% complete)