Siege Battle


1. Siege Battle Time
– 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. server time every Sunday
– Preparation Time: 10:30 – 11:00
– Siege Time: 11:00 – 12:00

2. Siege Battle Fee
– Declaration: 100,000 gold
– Hire Guards: 50,000 gold
– Repair Gates: 50,000 gold
– Summon Allies: 50,000 gold

3. Siege Battle Entry
– Maros Town: Castle Reporter (32797,33552)
– Maros Town: Mercenary Manager (32790,33549)
– Sandwood Town: Castle Reporter (32427,33535)
– Sandwood Town: Mercenary Manager (32426,33530)

4. Siege Battle Location
– Sandwood Castle

5. Siege Battle Declaration
5.1. Condition:
– Only the clan leader can declare a siege battle.
– Leader level: 50 or above.
– Clan level: 1 or above.
– The clan can not during disbanding status.
– The clan leader can not during delete status.
– Clan leaders can not declare siege battle when there are clan members near the battle area.
5.2. After the declaration
– The clan can not be disbanded after the declaration.
– The clan leader can not be deleted after the declaration.
– During the siege battle, the clan can not accept any new member, and members can not leave.
– During the siege battle, clan members’ rank can not be changed.
– Timer of siege battle will show up on the top of the screen.
– Clan Warflag will show on top of every clan member.
– Allies’ warflag will have a blue frame, while enemies’ warflag will have a red frame.
– Clan leaders can set ally clan and enemy clan.

6. Hire Mercenaries
6.1 Only the Leader of the attacking Clan can hire mercenaries.
6.2 You can hire mercenaries after declaring siege battle.
6.3 You need to set up the condition of hiring:
-Tax sharing: When successfully capturing a castle, you can give a certain percentage of current tax to all mercenaries. You can set this to 0%.
-Personal reward: Every mercenary that defeats at least 1 enemy can receive this reward, no matter capture the castle or not. You can give gold as a reward. The minimum reward is 50,000 gold..
-Mercenary amount: The max amount of mercenaries.
-Level requirement: The minimum level of mercenaries.
6.4 When you hire mercenaries, you need to prepay all rewards.
6.5 System will broadcast when your clan starts hiring mercenaries. The conditions will appear in recruiting clan list.
6.6 You can check your mercenaries and their records in past siege battles. You can remove mercenaries from your clan before the siege battle start (23:00 server time). Removed mercenaries can not be hired by your clan during this siege battle.
6.7 Rewards
When the siege battle is finished, the system will send rewards to all mercenaries who defeat at least 1 enemy.
The system will return the leader remaining gold or TC. You can receive them in “Check mercenaries rewards”.
You can [Blacklist] a mercenary in the “Check mercenaries rewards” interface. A blacklisted mercenary can not be hired by your clan during a siege battle.
The “Check mercenaries reward” interface will refresh when you hire other mercenaries again. Once the interface is refreshed, you can NOT remove mercenaries from the blacklist.

7. Become a mercenary
7.1 Only characters not from the defense clan or a leader can become a mercenary.
7.2 You can go to the “Check recruiting clan” interface to check clans that hire mercenaries.
7.3 You can go to “Check employer clan” to check your employer.
7.4 If you are refused by a clan, you can not be hired by this clan again during this siege battle.
7.5 Getting rewards:
When a siege battle finished and you had defeated at least 1 enemy, you can get your reward.
You can go to “Check your reward” to check your record in this siege battle and receive your reward.
Your record and reward will keep for 2 weeks.

8. Mercenary rules
8.1 Mercenaries will fight with their employer clan. The basic rules are the same as clan members.
8.2 Mercenaries’ profile will be hidden, the name will become [Mer.+No.], i.e. [Mer.005].
8.3 Mercenaries are NOT clan members, clan-related spells like [Brave Arua] will NOT affect mercenaries.
8.4 Mercenaries need to defeat enemies to receive rewards.
8.5 Situations listed below are NOT counted as defeat:
A. Defeated characters do not participate in a siege battle.
B. Defeated your employer clan’s member.
C. Defeated other mercenaries in your employer clan.
D. Defeats before siege battle begins.

9. Siege Battle Rules
9.1 Target:
Attacker: Destroy the Tower of Guardian, and clan leader collect the crown dropped from the tower.
Defender: Protect the Tower of Guardian, prevent the attacker clan’s leader from collecting the crown.
9.2 Winning condition: when the siege battle ends, the clan which owns the crown will capture the castle.
9.3 Battle Rules
Attackers and defenders can attack all characters within the battle area without turning on PK mode, except characters in the same clan.
Both attackers and defenders can attack the castle gate. Only attackers can attack the Tower of Guardian.
The Tower of Guardian will drop Crown on the ground when destroyed.
9.4 Death Rules
Defeating enemies will not change your lawful value.
Attackers and Defenders defeated in the battle area will not receive any death penalty.
Defeating characters in the same clan will apply the normal PK rules.
Defeating characters who are not attackers or defenders will apply normal PK rules.
Attackers will revive at Sandwood Town.
Defenders will revive at Sandwood Castle Inner City.
9.5 Crown
Only the leader of the attacking clan can pick up the crown.
The leader can not in polymorph status when picking up the crown.
The leader can not equip any weapon when picking up the crown.
After picking up the crown, the clan will capture the castle temporary and become the defender.
All attacker clan members will teleport to Sandwood Town after the crown is picked up.
The castle gate will be rebuilt to [Damage] Status and can not take damage for 10 seconds.
The Tower of Guardian will be rebuilt.
The clan leader of the defender will have 10 seconds to decide to pay gold to fix the castle gate.
9.6 Guardian
During non-siege battles, guardians will attack any characters who attack the castle gate.
During siege battles, guardians will attack non-defender characters.
During non-siege battles, chatelain can pay golds to hire guardians when guardians are injured or defeated. If chatelain hired guardians before the siege battle started, guardians would summon for free when the siege battle started.
During siege battles, chatelain can not hire guardians.
When the crown is picked up by the attacker’s clan leader, guardians will leave. After the siege battle ends, guardians will leave no matter the chatelain changes or not.
9.7 Finishing
When the siege battle ends, the clan which owns the crown capture the castle, and the leader of the clan will become the chatelain. Other clans’ members will be teleported to Sandwood Town
9.8 Rewards
Tax: When buying items with gold from NPCs, players need to pay tax
Tax rate: After the siege battle is finished, the tax rate will be set to 0% by default. The chatelain can change the rate from 1% to 10%. There will be only 1 chance to change the rate. The tax rate will apply immediately after changing.
Tax will calculate twice each siege battle:
Sunday siege battle:
1st: Taxes From 12:00 p.m. Sunday to 0:00 a.m. Thursday will calculate at 0:00 a.m. Thursday
2nd: Taxes From 0:00 a.m. Thursday to 12:00 p.m. Sunday will calculate at 12:00 p.m. Sunday
If the chatelain didn’t collect taxes before the next siege battle started, the taxes would be removed
Chatelain can not receive taxes if the clan fails to maintain
Receiving rewards:
A. After taxes are calculated, the chatelain can receive them in the Sandwood Castle Inner City.
B. You can receive taxes twice each siege battle:
1st: the 2nd part of taxes from the previous siege battle
2nd: the 1st part of taxes from the current siege battle
C. The clan that captured the castle will have a special war flag.
D. Clan members in the clan that captured the castle will have a special visual effect.
Clan buff: clan members in the clan that captured the castle can cost 20000 gold to get [Will of Fortress] buff from NPC in the Inner City, last for 60 minutes. [Will of Fortress] buff: Physic Damage +6, Spell Damage +5, Physic Hit +1.


Notice: we will continue to update these info, please noticed that the specific situation is subject to the in-game data. (Amend Date: 2022-02-22)