Polymorph System

Tap on the character portrait with Label ①, and then tap the button [Poly] with Label ② in the pop-up menu. You can reach the [Monster Polymorph] interface.

Tap Label ①, you can see different kinds of polymorph type and level.
Tap the monster card of Label ②, you can see the polymorph model, remaining time and polymorph attributes in Label ③.

Tap the Label ① button [View Polymorph Material], you can check the material you required.
If the material of character carrying is satisfy with several formula, it will use the first formula as priority.
Tap the Label ② button [Poly], you can finish polymorph.

For the convenience of rapid polymorph, we set a rapid poly function.
Tap the Label ① button [List], you can see the Label ② pop-up list [List]
Tap on Label ③ [Monster Card] for a while, and then drag to the Label ② [List].

Characters can prepare the list they need before hunting or battle.
Tap Label ① button [List] for a while, and then drag to one of the hotkey buttons.
Tap Label ② hotkey button, you can open the list of polymorph prepared.
Tap Label ③ polymorph target, you can polymorph at once.

Notice: we will continue to update these info, please noticed that the specific situation is subject to the in-game data. (Amend Date: 2021-04-20)