Update on: 2021.12.28

1. Minion
Use magic wire to hold the monster’s soul, then put the soul in a magical ball. After the soul absorbs all the magic power, it will rebirth as a minion. However, the cost of creating minions is too high and takes lots of time. This technique was almost lost in time. With the effort of the Resistance, it can finally reappear. When the minion admits the adventurer’s power, it will help its master in the battle until running out of stamina. Minion will be adventurers’ best partner.

2. Evil Awakening
As adventurers broaden the land, the mystery area has revealed its truth, and the shadow deep down in dungeons had awakened. Get ready to face Sea Lion on Seabed and Terra Dragon in Drake Dungeon. Is this opportunity or crisis? It’s up to you to figure out.

3. Level cap increased
With all the effort of adventurers, Attila’s force retrieves once again. The god of Edin appears and blesses all the adventurers who dedicate their loyalty and victory. Adventurers can now break their limits to strengthen themselves. Character’s level cap increases to 80 0%.

Following Developing:
Clan system improvement (40%)