King Arthur’s Descendant

Update on: August 10th
King Arthur’s Descendant

In the vast desert, the dark force from the old times has early signs of recovery. The pawns and followers of the tyrant had intensifies the crackdown for The Resistance.

To against the dark force, the rightful heir of King Arthur’s dynasty and the followers need to find a way to replicate King Arthur’s Armor and Sword.

And the Great Magician Merlin may have the lead of King Arthur’s Amor and Sword…

When the adventurer acquired King Arthur’s Armor, many spies are appearing and activating around. And that keeps adventurers occupied and has to help Merlin in Dartford to fight in the frontline. After gained the trust of Merlin, the followers of Merlin will provide adventurers more information and helps.

Auto EXP Gaining
The mysterious Auto EXP Gaining system is coming soon. Adventurers can gain extra experience from the Eldest wisdom in the world of Teon by this system with cost. The Auto EXP Gaining can provide a stable way to acquire EXP and help adventurers to improve their abilities.

Dual Skills Released
In the world of chaos and wars, a standstill is a worst-case scenario and choice. In the years and years of battle with Atilla’s armies. the Royal and Knight developed their new skills. The “Smite” and “Whirlwind“ of Knight, the “Heroic Strike” and “Sweep” of Royal will make some change in this battle.

Teon Pass
The people of Edin are living in an abyss of suffering. The God of Teon is against his conscience and sent brave adventurers to help those people. Now, to award the adventurers who contributed, the God of Teon will send rewards to them and make them stronger.

Following Developing:
Escon Region (30% completed)
Eva Castle & Sea Bed (20% completed)