Update on: September 7th

1. Escon Region
During King Arthur’s time, the Escon Region was prosperous. However, a destructive war changed everything. After Attila took control of the Land of Edin, he rebuilt a more magnificent castle in the Escon Region to show the world that he had more majesty than King Auther. To find out the recipe of King Auther’s Excalibur, you are going to pass through the Mirror Forest, a forest full of magic creatures, to explore the Escon Region.

2. Eva Castle
In the Escon Region, there is a castle sunk under the sea. According to the legend, this castle was not built underwater but sank into the sea instead. The castle lying on the seabed is now waiting for you to explore!

3. The Eva Guardian
Affected by Attila, monsters gathered around the Escon Region. The Eva Guardian needs to perceive the distribution of those monsters to reduce unnecessary losses. Adventurer, go and assist the Eva Guardian to scout the distribution information of monsters. The Guardian will not treat you shabbily.

4.Teon Pass S1
Thanks to the efforts of the adventurers, the conditions around Maros Town had improved. However, Attila’s armies still spread across the entire Land of Edin. People are still struggling and waiting for your helping hand. God Teon will not hesitate to hand out awards to the brave and righteous adventurers.

Following Developing:
New Boss (70% completed)
Online Gift (60% completed)