Elf – Ranged Sniper



Elves are the servants of God of Water. They love lives given by water and nature. They are light. Beautiful appearance with long ear is their characteristic. They are smart and elegant. They live in harmony with nature and each other. They are hostile to evil races, and can get along with other friendly races (Maybe a little dissatisfied with the rude and sloppy Dwarves).

They know their own destiny and understand human beings, so they are more concerned about the same race, and will not hesitate to kill the invading race. Elves have the most balanced abilities compared to other races, and they can use a variety of weapons and magic. However, this ability has led to discrimination of other races. For example, elves will be hunted by monsters, and some villages are not very friendly to elves. Elf character should improve Dex to increase the hit rate.


Weapon Suggestion



Core Stat Suggestion


Improve ranged damage of character, physical defense, hit rate and dodge.


Improve the spell power, spell critical hit rate of character and reduce MP consume.