Element System

Update on: July 13th
Element System

1. Weapon Element Enchant

Adventurers will discover new material in Teon, the Apocalyptic Source Crystal, and Element Ore. And those materials can be used to enchant weapons. Equipped weapons with element enchant levels will cause additional element damage when attacking or casting corresponding element spells. The wind element and earth element will be released on this update in Dartford and Drake Dungeon respectively. 

Water and Fire will be released in the future version.

2. Jokul & Ymir
Adventurers will discover two new areas in Teon, which are Jokul and Ymir. In Jokul and Ymir, the materials which can be refined and used for weapon element enchanting can be found here. To access Jokul and Ymir,  corresponding access permits are required. Also, there are special crystals that can be found here which can be exchanged for rewards.

Following develop plan:

Online Time Gift (releasing on Aug 3rd)
New Premium System (releasing on Aug 3rd)
Auto EXP System (70% completed)
Quests Series of Kind Arthur (80% completed)
Battle Pass System (60% completed)