Update on: June 22nd


– Due to the battle between Attila and The Resistance, the areas of Dartford became a synonym of chaotic and disorder. Adventurers who are marching to Dartford, please be safe!
– Dartford is a map with no barrier of entrance level.

Monster Hunter Guild
– Monster Hunter Guild is a non-profit guild. They are working to collect various monsters’ information and they provide information about many valuable materials and the information in some areas that have chances to get treasures.
– When adventurers become a monster hunter, they are allowed to accept the hunter quest delegated from Monster Hunter Guild and get rewards.

Chamber of Commerce
– The Chamber of Commerce is delegating powerful adventurers to collect material and providing valuable items as rewards. And the Chamber of Commerce manages all trades in land of Edin and provides materials to other organizations to save the people in Edin.
– When adventurers are qualified by the Chamber of Commerce, they are allowed to accept repeatable quests and get rewards from that.

Following develop plan:
Auto EXP System