Dark Elf – Outburst Assassin



In Drake Region, curse of Undead eroded the souls of Elves. The kind – hearted God of Moon couldn’t bear her people dying in this way. Her tears dropped and become the Tear of Luna. However, the curse of Undead became the new power of these elves under under the guidance of Tear of Luna. As you all known, they were the ancestor of Dark Elves, a race doesn’t accepted by Elves. 

Dark Elves are born to be warrior. They are accustomed to use claws, double blades, and gauntlet (ranged) as weapons. 


Outburst Assassin


High Physical Outburst Damage, High Dodge

Weapon Suggestion

Dual Blades, Claws, Gauntlet

Core Stat Suggestion

Improve melee damage, melee hit rate and the maximum weight of character.


Improve ranged damage of character, physical defense, hit rate and dodge.