Einhasad Server launched and starter package

Welcome back, adventurer! The new server Einhasad finally comes to meet all of you. Einhasad will be launched on March 30, 2021, 00:00 (PST). A big update and an entirely new server are ready!
The new Teon server: Einhasad is launching this week!
We have prepared a Starter’s Package for both returning Eon players and new adventurers.

====== What’s in the Starter’s Package ======
Condensed Greater Healing Potion x10
Greater Hasting Potion x10
Scroll of Polymorph Ⅲ x5

A public redeem code will be announced on Monday (PST), March 29, 2021 on our social media channels, Discord and via email. Simply enter the aforementioned redeem code in-game to acquire your Starter’s Package.

====== How to use your redeem code ======
1. Finish your Promise Island Quest Line and travel to Maros Regin in the Land of Edin;
2. Look for Alane [Friendship Shop & Redeem Code] in Maros Town (32872,33567);
3. Choose the “Redeem Code” option in the dialogue.

====== Loyalty Package Event ======
For those who had been playing on the Eon server, and have reached Level 51 or above, we will be sending you in-game mails with the Loyalty Packages attached on the Einhasad server.
The package you will receive is based on your character’s level on the Eon Server:
Character Level >= 51: Lesser Loyalty Package
Character Level >= 56: Loyalty Package & Teon Memorial Belt
Character Level >= 61: Greater Loyalty Package & Teon Memorial Belt
Character Level >= 66: Super Loyalty Package, Teon Memorial Belt & Hero Ring Lv.2
See you in the new World of Teon!

If you have any questions or having trouble receiving your packages, please contact our new customer service email: cs@teonworld.com

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