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Author: Lakoo

Einhasad Server launched and starter package

Welcome back, adventurer! The new server Einhasad finally comes to meet all of you. Einhasad will be launched on March 30, 2021, 00:00 (PST). A big update and an entirely new server are ready! The new Teon server: Einhasad is launching this week! We have prepared a Starter’s Package for both returning Eon players and […]

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Contents of the Loyalty Package

Dear Adventurers, we are aware that many of you are curious about the content of the Loyalty Package ever since the event was announced. Today we are going to reveal the items included in each package, and list the details of each item. You can join the event through the following link if you miss it […]

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Enhasad Server Launching Date Postponed

Dear Adventurers, We originally planned to launch the new Enhasad server in winter 2020. However, to ensure the stability of the new server, and to have the new version better polished, we decided to postpone the launch to Q1 in 2021.  To those who look forward the new version, we feel deeply sorry for the […]

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Announcement:New server news and Loyalty Package activities

Dear adventurers,We are exciting to announce that the brand new server Einhasad is coming this December. Einhasad will come with a completely new game version and a whole lot of new contents. More information regarding the Einhasad server will be announced via our Official Website, Facebook Page and Discord. For those seasoned adventurers who had […]

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Announcement: Registration Closing for Eon Server and New Server Coming Up This Winter – Teon

Dear adventurers, we have closed the new player registration for Eon Server on Sept 2nd, 2020 (PDT). Existing accounts and character data will not be affected. You will still be able to create new characters if you have already had an existing account. Meanwhile, we are preparing for a new server with brand new version. […]

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Aug 4th Server Announcement

First. Server information announcement With the end of maintenance, EON server will be open to all players (including new players) for free. We will distribute free Sealed of Oath to all EON server players, and players can freely access Oath-required regions. EON server will have no more new content updates after this maintenance. New servers […]

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